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Leaning Holly Nellie Stephens Standard

WhalehqWhalehq Posts: 14
I recently bought a few lovely containerised trees from a local nursery and given the amount I spent on them they've become a bit of an obsession. I've previously read on here and elsewhere that the bamboo cane that came with the plant should be removed and it should be staked with a two post arrangement. Is this correct?. I gingerly started removing the bamboo ties and immediately noticed that it naturally wants to bend when not attached (I've added a tie back on to the bamboo) Please have a look at the attached photo, it might not look that bad now but I'm keen to resolve it before it becomes a real issue. 

If anyone can provide some advice or a critique of my staking it would be brilliant. Do I need a longer stake for example.
Other bits of advice would useful e.g. when to remove the stakes etc

Girth 10-12mm
Height 2.5-3 (I think)

Helpful hint: if you're reading this and you're thinking of staking a tree don't buy your posts from B&Q £7/£8. Instead go to your local builders merchant e.g jewsons and ask for a round pencil post <£3 (1.6m).
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