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Bamboo splitting and moving.

Having had water damage and being out of our house for a couple of years. Now we’re trying to return what became a jungle, to a garden. We got someone in to chop back some of the larger shrubs and trees and they chopped a cluster of bamboo back, as in the photo. We know bamboo is tough, but are nor sure how to move and/or split this patch. As you can see we have Ground Elder amongst other stuff growing there too, so decided to dig up the whole bed and start again. As novices we wonder if any more knowledgable folk could advise what kind of bamboo this is, so we know what we are dealing with? It was a gift a number of years ago and has grown into this patch of around 1m diameter, so guessing not a fast spreading variety. Also are we right just to dig it up to move it and can split the bunch up to creat new plant/s too? There’s a lot on the internet, but some variation and non-uk based info, so any tips would be welcome. Thanks


  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,971
    I was removing rather than relocating a bamboo but the process would be similar.  I chopped it into sections by using an axe to cut down through the room mass, then dug round and under each section with a mattock and lifted each piece out.  Bamboo doesn't root very deep, so although it's not an easy job it is possible.
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