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Screening my garden from the overlooking flats (and train station!)



  • I did on online search to find a solution to an identical issue and was directed to your question. It couldn't have been much closer in similarity - it would appear that we are neighbours!
    We have just planted several small Photinia Red Robins in the gap between the railings and our back wall. They were inexpensive (three for £10) so if Network rail does spray the area with weed killer then we won't have wasted too much money. Obviously it is going to take a few years before we benefit from the plants providing screening but we aren't planning on going anywhere soon. 
    In addition we have dug up some bamboo that wasn't in a great position in our garden and we've relocated it to the gap as well. That is already quite tall and we'd noticed that there is a large clump of bamboo which is thriving on the opposite side of the train tracks so hopefully ours will too. 
    We found a solution to accessing the gap despite the barbed wire. Feel free to pop down and take a look at what we've done if you are still trying to find a solution. We are at number 25.
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