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Recommend a non fruiting evergreen hedge?

williamsewilliamse Posts: 9
Is there any such thing as a non fruiting evergreen hedge? Not Box.
I would like to plant at the front of my house against the wall, total 3m length, height 1m facing WNW a decent amount of sun all day except for late evening. Husband has a big aversion to berries dropping and we want something evergreen. Does such a thing even exist? Peferably not Box as I read there are so many problems with it. I have looked at Laurel (all kinds) but everyone produces fruit. Could pruning prevent this or should I look for something else?
Many thanks 😊


  • FireFire North LondonPosts: 17,116
    yew, male holly, myrtle, privet. Keep them pruned.
  • PianoplayerPianoplayer Posts: 624
    Griselinia and Eleagnus ebbingei are two I have.
  • AstraeusAstraeus SheffieldPosts: 313
  • ErgatesErgates Devon, east of ExeterPosts: 2,044
    Ive got a griselinia hedge. Never seen berries on it. We rarely have flowers or berries on our cherry laurel, but it does get pruned.
  • FireFire North LondonPosts: 17,116
    Your husband can console himself that berries are very appreciated by wildlife.
  • raisingirlraisingirl East Devon, on the Edge of Exmoor.Posts: 6,328
    lonicera nitida
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  • FireFire North LondonPosts: 17,116
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 SomersetPosts: 10,531
    I'd second Euonymus as well.
  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 1,741
    Abelia, Choisya, Pittosporum
  • brackenbracken South West EnglandPosts: 91
    Escallonia makes a lovely hedge with small red flowers. 
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