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Can anyone identify this rose please?

rhubarbrhubarbrhubarbrhubarb Posts: 2
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Hello, can anyone idenify this rose please? It was given as a gift at Christmas, 3 little plants in one pot. First small blooms were snowy white but now petals are tinged green, curling back into triangles, tough almost like plastic and heavily textured. I'm interested to know because when this little one dies, as it surely will under my care, I'd like to source  another. Why? This bloom has been like this on my kitchen windowsill for a month. I'd love to have a rose flowering for such a long time in my garden!


  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,512
    It will be a miniature or ‘patio’ rose often sold as gifts by supermarkets and garden centres, variety unknown, as an ‘indoor rose plant’, although no such rose really exists, they don’t tend to survive long indoors as roses are outdoor plants. So it’s not necessarily poor care from you. Perhaps try repotting it into a larger pot in a loam-based compost (ordinary multi-purpose compost will not provide enough nutrients) and putting it outside in a sheltered, sunny spot. Water it well and cross your fingers!
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  • Thanks Nollie, I'll get it outside soon and see what it does next!
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