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Hedging Plants or which plants to use as a border

Hello, new landscaper/gardener here! I just purchased a house with a lot of landscaping! I prefer a modern look and love succulents. I live in Los Angeles, California, it is dry and hot here with not much rain. My front yard is at a slope and currently has a ton of a succulent type plant (not sure what it is called). I am tearing out the top most portion where the land is flat and going to be adding grass to give us some type of a front yard. My husband wants to put a small gate up to signify where the drop off is or where the slope starts but I would prefer to use some type of plant as a border. I am thinking a hedge plant but I don't know if those work well in full sun and on a slope. I am open to succulent/cactus type plants but I will need A LOT. Any suggestions would be great! I've attached some pictures for reference. 


  • The area to the right hand side of the path will be about 5ft of grass ( we will remove current succulent/cacti plant and level out with dirt) then after the 5ft of grass I would like a bordering plant or hedge plant. 
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    Looks like a nice view, if so would you want to block it with a hedge? What's happening on the left of the picture?
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    I definitely don't want to block the view. I was thinking something no bigger than 2-3ft just to separate grass from slope and create a defined area.0

    My husband wants to put up a small fence which I would rather do plants than a fence. 

    The left of the picture is some of the existing succulent/cacti plant that I'm pulling out. We just bought the house and the entire front yard (both the left and right sides)  was covered in this. I'm pulling it out so we can level it and add grass.
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    How about Lavender or Euonymus hedging?
  • I looked up Euonymus hedging and I like it! Thank you!
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