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De cayenne chilli that came with the magazine.....

Please may I ask, does this look right for the de cayenne chilli peppers that were given away with the magazine? The reason I ask is that these bigger two have gone crazy whereas the rest of the seeds have taken an age to germinate and are tiny compared. I'm convinced that two stray weeds have appeared or something. Also do I need to feed them with anything in particular or just use tomorite or similar? Many thanks for any replies. 


  • SkandiSkandi Northern DenmarkPosts: 1,481
    I think you are right, the top 4 are chili seedlings but I'm not convinced about the large two, a shot from the top would help to be sure.
    I find chilis have to be started in January or February to get anywhere they really do take an age.
  • Thank you for replying. 
    Here are some more from the top and a close up and then the small one which is what I believe to be the actual chilli plant from the one that is on our sunny kitchen windowsill. 

  • whoops, here's the one from the top. Thanks
  • Singing GardenerSinging Gardener EssexPosts: 1,192
    I have some of these and agree that the large ones don't look like chilli plants.
  • Thank you both for your advice. It's a shame, I won't bin them yet, obviously I'm curious to what they will turn into. 
    The small ones are growing, albeit very slowly but like you say I've heard they take a long while so maybe next time I will start them earlier in a windowsill propagator. The tomato seeds from the mag have done absolutely nothing also. I'm hoping this run of warmer weather might help but who knows, everything seems to be about a month behind going by last year.
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