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Bio-control success!

A week or so ago I discovered a heavy infestation of green aphids on the tips of all my Artemisia abrotanum.  I have about six of these plants growing in planters on my front balcony which faces a residential street.

I thought about wiping them off, but really wanted to see if I could if other insects could take care of them for me, and the plant didn't seem too troubled by the aphids.

So I left them.

And today a little ladybird appeared (two white spots, two black) and has hoovered up all the aphids in one planter! I hope it finds the other plants soon. (I refrained from picking it up and depositing it on the other plants). 

After further research, I think the ladybird could be a Harlequin ladybird which is regarded as an invasive species, but oh well - I'm happy it's eating my aphids.  
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