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When is best to re-line wildlife pond?

I have a large wellestablished wildlife pond that appears to have sprung a leak, so I want to empty it preserving as much of the plant and water life as possible, re-line, refill and re-plant.

Just looking for opinons on the best time to do this?  Autumn wouldn't be a good time to re-plant.  Spring would risk killing a lot of young pond life.  


  • bertrand-mabelbertrand-mabel Posts: 2,202
    Autumn/early winter is a good time.
    You can pot up the plants you want to keep and put them in a watered area.
    The water life can be looked after by putting all the "dredgings" onto the side on the pond so that they can go back in later on.
    We have done this as also our pond sprung a leak and all is back to what it should be.
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