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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,840
    There seems to be a margin where the site decides a phot is too big to load portrait fashion.  Reducing the size often fixes it.
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  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    And your question was......?
  • ZooterZooter Posts: 24
    Obelixx said:
    There seems to be a margin where the site decides a phot is too big to load portrait fashion.  Reducing the size often fixes it.
    Aha got that Obelixx thanks. Ok will try to adjust them my end before I post up. Quite the faff for an ipad newbie along with a garden newbie too!

    @K67 hi there, my question was whether I should be doing anything to it, 2 yrs planted now, now its suddenly got its 1st big almost bamboo-fast growth spurt in full pelt.. & with all of it's shoots/ branches going nuts. Should I cull the lower ones? Some lhs ones so the rhs gets more weighty maybe?

    Ive had quite a job trying to coax it straightwards up with my staff thing, it seems to lean heavily leftwards not playing ball really. Tbh its my 1st ever ever tree, & Im rather panicking-without-a-clue!

    thanks SC
  • ZooterZooter Posts: 24
    Btw the 1st photo, opening post, just shows the stream rhs of the tree. This forms the boundary (the whole way down my long thin garden) with my n'bors garden, a horticultural little paradise, which has the wee timber walkway. So all over from the stream including the walkway.. is not mine. Unfortunately.

    Privacy isn't at a premium for me my side, being a bare blank canvas area just cleared of knotweed & xyz. Far better for them with their mass of established bamboo & exotics over their side of the stream. Thankfully I don't see them on the walkway much.

  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    Can't help but if you use your new iPad and search for 'willow tree leaning over'  Safari or Google  comes up some ideas
  • ZooterZooter Posts: 24
    @K67 thanks its an idea.. just thought Id try streamline the advice via here.

    Without seeing a photo, the person in garden centre said I asked said 'you can just let be'. But I dont think ideal advice without viewing my particular tree, likewise www info wont have my photo as reference.

    I was also going to follow up with a q about the lower sprig/ branch: whether this could be removed, and stuck in the ground to form a new tree. I know you can do this with other willow sprigs, from the type you make an arbour from, presumably because they just grow so rampantly. Especially stream banks, I think.

    cheers, zoot.
  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,498
    With  all the other trees behind it, your tree is probably reaching for the light.
    Some thing simple you could try is just removing the tips of the most leftward branches on the left hand side.
    The growing tip produces a hormone that prevents the branch below it growing big side shoots - it's called 'apical dominance ' if you want to find out more.
    Removing the tip means those side shoots should grow faster, to bush out the tree that side, as well as preventing the branch growing further in the 'wrong' direction. Hopefully a better shaped tree should result :)
  • ZooterZooter Posts: 24

    useful ideas there. Actually the huge sycamore behind it (pic 1) is northwds, & plenty enough light is getting to it, equally its 'L' side & 'R' side (the bamboos across from it aren't too high).. so it's leaning due to it being this shape from bought (hence likely in the bargain bin?) or, my not propping well: tho Ive put a sturdy post, did my best I thought.

    I'll try a sturdier new post pushing against it I think, further up. I saw the queen's estate on tv had similar angled tree props. going over your prune ideas too. Many thanks.


    Can anyone ID what type it is tho? my best www work says 'golden weeping'.. but also there being 400 types. Omg.

  • ZooterZooter Posts: 24
    Hi again on here.

    I wonder if anyone could recognise what type of willow I have? Perhaps my photo isn't that clear though.. my Ipad camera is all I have.

    Thanks, zooter.
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