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Low growing summer perennials.

Hi,everyone,I wondered if anyone could give me some advice on what really low growing summer perennials I could buy to plant in a narrow space around my garden shed.Many thanks in advance.


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 48,954
    It will depend on soil and aspect.  :)
    If sunny, Cerastium will be fine. Dianthus will be too, as long as the soil isn't too acidic. You could always use Thyme  if you want something very low growing.  Those all prefer good drainage.
    If it's shady, it will depend on whether it's dry or wet shade, but many hardy geraniums are quite low growing and cope with almost anything. Ajuga will be fine, and Heucheras if it's damp enough. They won't flower all summer, so you may want to add other planting as well.
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  • Thank you Fairygirl,I would say it’s quite shady,the shed is at the bottom of my garden that backs on to a meadow with overhanging Tree’s,but it isn’t dry,just damp.
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 48,954
    You might need to experiment a bit. Cerastium will cope with a bit of shade and as long as it isn't soggy. I have some that gets a bit of shade and it's fine.
    The Heucheras should be fine there, and Ajuga certainly will. Thyme might struggle.
    Another useful plant is Saxifraga urbium [London Pride] although it doesn't flower for a very long time. It'll grow in any conditions, and bees like the little flowers. 
    A mix of some of those would work, and you could experiment with other plants as well, like some of the smaller Hostas and the hardy geraniums to give you a succession. I have a low growing geranium I inherited [probably bio-kovo] which is quite thug like, but it's a very good weed suppressant and flowers for a long while, so it's handy for below the hedge and in areas where I just want some cover. 
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