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Morning All,

Hope you're all well and staying safe?

I've had a new patio installed recently and wondered if anyone had any suggestions of something I could plant along it?

I was originally thinking I'd like to create a soft frame around the edge to add a little privacy but nothing too hedge-like. I thought something quite elegant like 4 young olive trees about 1 metre tall (equally distanced) as I have a raised bed to the right with 6 ball shrubs.  I also have a toddler and 2 dogs so didn't want anything too low lying (lollipop style trees were the style I was thinking).

Drainage to the garden hasn't been great as it's a newbuild close to the site balancing pond, but additional drainage has been installed for the patio so I'm hoping it should now be improved somewhat.  Our soil is clay as well if that helps.

Appreciate anyone's advice! 😊

Thank you in advance



  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,681
    Hi, Olive trees do like good drainage and will considerably outgrow the space. Would a row of Calamagrostis 'Karl Foerster', broken up with tall verbena bonariensis, be something you could work with or would that be too 'soft'? Otherwise you could look at topiary lolipops, just ensure the drainage is reasonable or it's potentially a lot of money wasted...
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  • Hi, thanks for the reply.

    I'm not very good with plants but after googling them, those look really nice.  I'd just be a little concerned about my dogs territory marking as we've lost a few shrubs over the years which is why I thought a lollipop style tree might be a good solution 😊
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