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Dahlia Tubers

GlenjjonesGlenjjones Posts: 141
Hi guys,
I planted my new dahlia tubers into pits of compost about 4 weeks ago and I’ve kept them in my unheated pop up greenhouse since. Only watered them very sparingly just to keep the compost slightly damp and ensured they have been kept frost free, but as yet nothing is sprouting. 
The tubers were healthy when they went in and I’ve checked one and they are still good.
do I just need patience and they’ll kick into life when they are ready or do I need to do something else to get them going. 
I tend to be impatient when it comes to my growing! 😂


  • Mr. Vine EyeMr. Vine Eye Posts: 2,182
    I'd left mine in the ground, same as last year, but most of them had mostly rotted tubers so I tossed them. Except one that seemed like it might be ok. I stuck that in a pot outside near the house, been through the last few cold weeks since, and that's already showing shoots.

    But it's just a waiting game I think. Just be patient with it.
  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy North London Posts: 5,829
    Check that there are no slugs or snails,  they have a tendency to eat off the new shoots before you see them.  
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  • dannyjlowedannyjlowe Posts: 16
    edited May 2021
    I planted dahlia tubers on the 6th March (probably too early!) and put some in an unheated pop up greenhouse and some in the shed.

    for weeks I had nothing (attributed to the cold) and now they are all showing green shoots.

    hopefully yours will do the same :)
  • GlenjjonesGlenjjones Posts: 141
    Thanks. I'm thinking i might just have to be patient.

    My runner beans have been puzzling me too, as I planted about 30 and so far only 9 have come up. It might be the different varieties coming up at differing times (fingers crossed), as the ones that have come up are all from 1 variety.

    I'm an absolute newbie to Dahlias, and went and bought a load of Tubers this year, and I'm just really looking forward to them growing, so I'm getting nervous and impatient about them not coming up yet. With Gardening being often a waiting game, its not easy being an impatient sod like me. :smile:
  • I had poor success getting them to sprout in my mini greenhouse. Brought them indoors and they sprouted in no time. They need a good bit of heat to get going and the zippy greenhouses are rarely enough. 
    Bring them into a warm windowsill let them grow a bit then garden them off when your ready to plant out 🙂
  • GlenjjonesGlenjjones Posts: 141
    Thanks. I've got no chance of the Mrs letting me bring that many pots inside. :smiley:
    best I can hope for is a bit of warm weather. LOL
  • celcius_kkwcelcius_kkw Posts: 743
    I’ve had the exact experience as @Dinnerplatedahlias🌸 - I pointed mine up in early April and had nothing for a month.. I then brought them all indoors and within two days they’ve all sprouted. Unheated greenhouses are often much colder and one might think..
  • GlenjjonesGlenjjones Posts: 141
    After asking this yesterday, 2 of my tubers are showing signs of sprouting this morning. My Black Jack and Dark Monarch have sprouted YAY!
    I guess that the key is patience after all. 
    I suppose a unheated greenhouse, especially a plastic zippy one is ok to keep the rain and frost off but does little to speed up Dahlias sprouting. They still need the outside temps to warm up considerably.
    I’m just hoping the other tubers follow suit now! 
  • Butterfly66Butterfly66 BirminghamPosts: 766
    Some of mine are only just starting, all are in an unheated greenhouse. The older ones always get started more quickly than younger ones but they all catch up in the end.
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