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Hartley 10 Greenhouse

I have a pre-loved Hartley 10 greenhouse with a half wall, which needs assembling properly on a base (which has yet to be built). Please can you give a complete novice some tips or if you have assembly instructions for a Hartley 10 greenhouse, would you please share?
I have spoken to Hartley Botanical who no longer have the original plans, are unable to give assembly instructions for this model, can not supply replacement glass or any replacement parts. They will sell me a new one though. Thanks in advance. 


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    Bumping this up in hopes of a reply  :)  
    Edited to add, don't know if this is of any help
  • Hello Jill

    did you get anywhere with your quest for instructions for the Hartley 10; I inherited one from my father with the floor plan but no assembly instructions. I could not locate instructions but it is now 90% assembled. Let me know if I can help
  • Hi Jill, How did you get on with the Hartley 10 ? Is it built yet ? I am about to make the foundation for mine, any help or recommendation before I make any mistakes ? I am following the instructions as above, thanks for posting them. Fred
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    @fredecosseRaPm0o01 -   Jill hasn't posted since the query 18 months ago, but if I tag her name like this @jillgreen22vsjOKUCi - she might see a notification [if she uses them] and may respond  :)
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    @fredecosseRaPm0o01 I have just got my modern version, of your Hartley. I would recommend a builder, as the base and brickwork has to be super flat. Unless of course you have done it before. It took over a week, with Constant help from partner, just for the base. We got Hartley in to make the greenhouse,£650 for fitters. Worth every penny.
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