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Is my shrub dead? Erysimum

tom_notontom_noton Posts: 6
So me and my girlfriend are relatively new to gardening and we gave this shrub a hard cutting in late March. British weather wasn’t on our side and a couple of frosts since. Should we expect new growth yet. They went mad the year before and they were pretty big, about 4 feet high. There were signs of new growth pre frost but that seems to have died off. Any tips? Cheers 



  • rachelQrtJHBjbrachelQrtJHBjb South BucksPosts: 814
    Erysimum are relatively short-lived. If yours went "mad" flowering last year it probably looked worse for wear after the winter, if not dead. 

    You can see if it comes back but I would pop to the garden centre and buy a new one. I replace mine each year to keep the plant looking fresh in the border.
  • robairdmacraignilrobairdmacraignil CorkPosts: 669
    Similar experience here with Erysimum being short lived and the one in the photo looks dead to me. I have trimmed them back when they look bad to encourage new growth but have tried to just remove dead material and they seem to need a few living stems to be left continue growing to have a chance to recover. I have read that many just grow them as biennials because they do not look great after a couple of years flowering. If you get a living one again they are easy to propagate from cuttings and I usually have a number of these getting started in a shady sheltered container from bits I accidentally cut off the ones in the garden just stuck in compost.
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