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Any ideas what the hole is in floor of my greenhouse?

In the middle of the concrete floor of my greenhouse is a rectangular hole approx 2feet x 3 feet, 6 inches deep, lined with metal and filled with gravel. I’ve been wondering what it’s for, it completely central so you have to stand/walk about it and can’t put plants in it. Thought maybe a water reservoir to stand pots on if you go away for a length of time, but just read something about heat sinks in greenhouses. Could this be one?! Husband has offered to fill it in but it’s obviously got a purpose, just haven’t worked it out yet 🤨


  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,672
    Does it hold water? If it does it may just be for maintaining a high level of humidity. At only 6 inches deep I don't think it is much of a heat sink certainly no more so than the surrounding concrete base. Do you know what the previous owner grew in the greenhouse,  maybe he specialised in orchids?
  • Yes it does hold water, don’t know what previous owner grew and think I over estimated the 6 inches - more like 4 inches! Thanks for your reply 😊
  • EustaceEustace Posts: 1,670
    May be there is a manhole underneath the gravel. 
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