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Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive 306 with Tecumseh BVS 153

Hi, I have a very old mower (approx 20-30 years I think). It’s an sentimental thing which I inherited a couple of years ago (my first petrol mower!) and I love it to bits. This season I decided to give it a service before first cut. I’ve changed the belt, the oil, the spark plug and the filter. The engine still runs fine and is driving the blade really well but the self propel drive has stopped working when I engage the handle lever. I’ve inspected the drive cable and tightened the adjustable sleeve to maximum extend but it still feels spongy and isn’t getting a good engagement with rear roller. I’ve managed to obtain a Hayter manual but it’s not very helpful (it’s mainly an exploded parts diagram). Do I need a new cable? Would prefer to try any quick and easy tips first. Thanks in advance.


  • ColinAColinA Posts: 382
    Look t the rollpin that connects the engine output shaft to the small drive pulley they some times shear which means loss of drive
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