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How to tell Lonicera from Buxus?

ThankthecatThankthecat Posts: 421
I've been given four fairly knackered looking old shrubs and told 'I think two are box and two are lonicera'. Now, I have plans to make a hedge with lonicera, and I'm broke, which is why the person gave them to me. But the location will NOT suit box. All four of the shrubs look the same, with green stems. Am I right in thinking that all the newest growth on lonicera nitida or pileata would have reddish stems? I'm hoping there's an easy way to id these as I don't want to waste free plants but equally don't want to plant box where it won't thrive. Can take photos if that's helpful for anyone to help me id them? 


  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,614
    Definitely need photo
  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,525
    Hope this helps you to distinguish the two types of shrub.
  • AstraeusAstraeus Posts: 335
    Ceres said:
    Hope this helps you to distinguish the two types of shrub.
    Did you just go and take cuttings and photograph them to reply? That might be the nicest and most helpful way to respond that I've ever seen on a forum, anywhere.
  • ThankthecatThankthecat Posts: 421
    Goodness me @Ceres that is so helpful of you. Thank you, I'll see if I can see which is which on the plants I've got. Unfortunately got dragged away from home all afternoon and now only just got time to do the greenhouse dance (I'm sure you all know how that one goes - and the juggling required when we're still having such cold weather!) before bed. Early start in the morning so I will try to get photos @Nanny Beach which I know I really should have done before, but was hoping it would be as easy as 'if they've got green stems they can't be lonicera'! Lazy, I know... 
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