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Plastic bits in compost

I know this has been discussed before, but I am new to group and discussion. I recently bought some Manor Farm multi purpose compost made by Durston Garden products and it has bits of plastic, hard and soft, and even some bits of glass in it. I have emailed the company who make it. My husband said I've probably been using bought compost with plastic debris in for years, but I have only just noticed it. I keep sieving and picking it out. Is it safe to grow our vegetables in? and could someone else suggest a plastic and debris free compost I can buy? I was going to start making my own mixture with my own compost and found that I have been throwing teabags in my compost bin for years, that I have now been told contain plastic? so starting a new compost bin off and tea bags going in the kitchen bin.  Oh my goodness! I wonder what Monty Don would say about it all?


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 8,553
    A lot of compost these days has 'green waste' included.
    That's the stuff that people put in their green refuse bins that the council collect and then compost. As a result you'll get bits of whatever people have chucked into their green waste bins.
    I have used it, but didn't like the idea of adding bits of glass/plastic etc to my soil, so I don't buy compost with green waste any longer especially after hearing that some dog owners put their pet waste into it.
    I now use Bord na Mona Grow Wise in either the purple or orange bag

    I also composted tea bags for a long time and am now forever pulling out the remains.
    A couple of years ago I bought this-
    and have not used tea bags since. The loose leaf tea is cheaper and better quality, and I can make a really good cuppa of Assam tea
    When it gets blocked by tannins I put it into a cup with a 50/50 mix of water/bleach and it's like new again in 2 minutes and no more bits of plastic in my compost
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  • Thank you so much for your reply and info about the tea brewer, I have just looked on Amazon and I might give this a try. It really breaks my heart to use peat compost, I have not used it for years, but might try the Bordna Mona Grow wise this year, until I can get my own compost established again without the tea bags!  Horrified that dog owners may even put their dog waste in their green waste!  I wonder how many years I have been using bought peat free compost with plastic debris in?  Once again thanks for your great advice. 
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