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New border

I am having this path lifted to make a planting area. It will be about 4 meters wide and about 70cm deep - although I wonder if I could make it deeper. 
I am looking for ideas of what to plant and finding it a bit overwhelming! 
I am thinking of an arch with star jasmine for height and winter interest. Could I plant ivy on the other side? 
I also have a buddjelia (currently in a bin 😅), 4 dwarf fruit trees, and other things I could plant such as a hebe, gulf stream nandina, purple echinacea, peony, olivia austin shrub rose, cardinal rouge clematis, mauve bowls wallflower...but am happy to buy other plants if they are more suitable. I don’t want to chuck just anything in as I want it to look good rather than a mish-mash.  I have looked for inspiration but find the choice overwhelming!
I like pinks/purples, reds and cottage garden styles. 
Any ideas and suggestions appreciated! 


  • These are pictures that I like and am drawn to
  • And I would love to incorporate an arch or pergola to grow things up. 
  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 20,446
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    You already have some great ideas and the photos you have chosen are beautiful.
    I would make the bed at least 1 metre deep, gives you more scope.

    I'm not an ivy fan and I think they are better on a wall. I would prefer clematis or a climbing rose. What about planting some more perennials among your plants, such as salvia nemorosa, achilleas, campanulas, dahlias? I see heucheras have been used for foliage colour in the photos.
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  • LoxleyLoxley NottinghamPosts: 4,976
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    First off, make it deeper if you can. 70cm will not give you that look you want, 180cm+ would be a lot better (although I guess you need to consider the overall proportions of your garden, which we can't see from the pics)... Think about how your arch will fit into the overall design, they work better if they actually do lead somewhere rather than being dropped in just for the look, IMHO.
  • Thanks, I wanted DA’s Tess of the D’Ubererviles as a climbing rose but it’s out of stock, but will be worth the wait. I will make the border deeper. 
    I have dhalias going on the windowsill, salvias in the greenhouse. 
    I was thinking about hardy geranium ground cover. 
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