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Prayer Plant with yellow and brown leaf

jop05jop05 Posts: 6
Hi everyone, does anybody know what is happening with my prayer plant (maranta?.

some leaves have a brown crisp dry tip, like burn, now some bottom leaves are turning yellow.

it is indoors in a bright place, but it doesn’t have direct sunlight. Also after some researching I started watering with filtered water. Usually I water it every 8 day, i let the soil dry

Any help??? Thanks


  • UsFourUsFour Posts: 49
    The plant looks quite good in the last photo .. I have one but it isn't close to a window as they are forest floor plants. The brown tips are likely to be low humidity, spraying won't help so I am told. I have pots of water behind my plant so that it evaporates into the air around it. I personally don't like pebble trays but you could give it a go. Some of my leaves are brown at the edges but only one or two, just cut the brown bit off. 

    Do you fertilise it? It may need diluted (1/4 of what it says on the bottle) balanced fertiliser for the yellow leaves, especially in the growing season. Are the stems partly broken?

    In relation to watering I personally don't follow a specific time frame, I go off when the plant needs it. I have a water meter (only a few quid) and it saves a lot of hit and miss with watering house plants. I don't think marantas should be allowed to dry out completely. Have a look at Summer Rayne's video as she goes into a lot of detail about them.

    Good luck


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