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Wet and Windy

I live in the Western Isles and in a south facing house. When the sun's out its glorious but when the winds hit they are strong and often cold. We also, as expected, get quite a bit of rain. We have a large garden with no shelter around three sides and a leylandii hedge belonging to the neighbours on the forth. Our garden is mossy and prone to flooding (especially at the bottom) 
Originally our property was a croft so it still has the open drain running the front of the house, under the garden and into the drain we reopened several years ago. We plan on adding to these to help with water run off. 

I would like to plant some trees and hedging/shrubs to help with wind protection and add a little privacy. I have been looking at several like Sloe hedging, Laurel, willow and birch but will these survive our weather, already I have a rose and buddleia that have felt the wrath of the icy winds. Trying to find plant that can survive both our wet and windy land is proving difficult.


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