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Should I take all the ties off these star Jasmine now?

fizzylizfizzyliz Posts: 372
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Thank you!
Also, the one in the pot isn’t looking amazing… I wondered if pot was too small but it was ok in the pot in cans in and imagine it would’ve been for some time? We have had a right mixed bag of weather lately! This is in a sunnier spot too which I thought they liked. The one in sheltered spot on north side seems to be fairing better at the moment! Thank you!


  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    Yes, they are only there for transport and prevent damage.

  • fizzylizfizzyliz Posts: 372
    @K67 brill thank you! Will do then 😊 guessing same applies for clematis?
  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    Your guess is correct 😁
  • AthelasAthelas Posts: 762
    Yes, remove all the ties which the plants (clematis and star jasmine) came with from the store, and tie them in a fan shaped pattern to the trellis. I use twine — below is any easy how-to video for tying in clematis, which also works for star jasmine. Star jasmine stems will grow quite thick and woody over time, so worth checking again after a year or so in case the tie is too tight, or has degraded and come off.

    More tips on planting clematis in pots here:
  • fizzylizfizzyliz Posts: 372
    Haha @K67 😄
    And thank you lots @Athelas - that’s so helpful! Will have a look at the links and sort my climbers out 😊👍
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