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Ailing Rockrose

harmonyharmony Posts: 396
Hi, my rockrose is not looking good, I've cut out a few brittle branches with brown leaves that were obviously dead and it is looking very woody I have read that they are not long lasting shrubs so what would your advice be. Up until last year it has flowered beautifully but I think it might be on its way out. I do love it though and not sure what to do, shall I give it a chance or  dig up and start again. The flowering pic was 2 years ago. Thanks


  • Yes, there are relatively short-lived, in the same way lavender is. It looks leggy now and even in the photo from two years ago there is no obvious growth at the base. When you weigh up the cost of a new plant versus trying to get this one back to the good shape it was in I would get a new one. 
  • harmonyharmony Posts: 396
    Thanks yes I think your right, I have got some cosmos/sunflower babies that will fill the gap ( when it eventually  warms up lol ). I do hate losing shrubs/plants though I find it quite sad :( but it is exciting deciding its replacement. 
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