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MaireadCMaireadC Posts: 17
I planted Rudbeckia for the first time last year and they were gorgeous. They kept on flowering in November and December so I never cut them down, apart from deadheading. Now I have really straggly plants and am wondering should I cutthem down now or will new growth come? Or have I just messed up for this year?😬 


  • chickychicky Posts: 10,379
    I’d cut them back to the base rosette now - if they have managed to overwinter (sometimes my do, sometimes they don’t) they will grow back nicely and flower earlier than ones grown from seed this year
  • MaireadCMaireadC Posts: 17
    Great thanks for that. Do you mean cut to the lowest flower or lowest leaf? Sorry not quite sure...
  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,245
    edited May 2021
    The basal rosette means the cluster of leaves at the base. Cut everything away except that. This variety of rudbeckia is short lived and usually grown as an annual, you're lucky they've come through this cold winter. 
  • MaireadCMaireadC Posts: 17
    Thanks for that. Yes a lot of things seem to have continued through winter this year here. (I’m in Dublin not too far from the sea so it didn’t get too cold)
    I’ve just cut them down so fingers crossed for more flowers this summer😊 I appreciate the advice.
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