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Honey Fungus resistant trees

The Gardeners World website says that Acers are unfortunately susceptible to Honey Fungus '... with the exception of Acer Negundo', which I would love to plant.  As honey fungus was found in my gdn some years ago, I'm reluctant to plant any Acer, particularly as the RHS website says all Acers are 'sometimes affected'.  What do others think?   Has anyone any experience of Acers & their susceptibility to pests / diseases etc?   Alternatively, I could plant it, & leave it, in a pot.  Any advice would be welcome please.  MG


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 27,584
    acer negundo gets to be much bigger than most of the Japanese maples so not ideal for a small garden or bed.

    Have a read of the info on this RHS page and follow the links t lists of plants which are less susceptible - 

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  • m.gleesonm.gleeson Posts: 8
    Many thanks, Obelixx.  I was really curious to know why - as stated by Gardeners World - Acer Negundo is the one Acer not susceptible to Honey Fungus.  Yet the RHS says that no Acer is safe from this dreaded fungus.  I'm somewhat intrigued.  Best regards.  MG.
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