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Agapanthus Enigma and Agapanthus Windlebrooke

Lots of new plants this year. First time growing Agapanthus. I have one white Enigma and one blue Windlebrooke.
I have them both in pots and have had them in the greenhouse up until now.
I thought I would grow them in pots as I read that they do well in pots and it will give me the option of moving them easily to overwinter in the greenhouse.

My question is can they stay outside now or should I still be wary of frosts?
Would a late frost damage them now?


  • didywdidyw East SuffolkPosts: 2,594
    As you have been overwintering them in the greenhouse, I would gradually acclimatise them to outside, bringing them back into the greenhouse at night. After a week or so of this they should be OK to leave outside all of the time.  They are deciduous and should be hardy enough to leave outside all the time in future.
  • thanks for the advice @didyw I will bring them in at night for a week or two as suggested.
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