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Experienced with ligustrum ibota musli?


We have a gardening company coming to plant in new border hedges soon, and the privet that was originally suggested (Ligustrum ovalium aureum) is now sold out. They have suggested ligustrum ibota musli as an alternative, and habe stated that it only differs in the colour. However, I am struggling to find sample images of it in use as a privacy hedge and I’m wondering whether it’s really suited for how we want to use it. The purpose is to have a thick, evergreen hedge that will quickly grow to 1.5-2m tall. It should be hardy as winter here in Germany can get to minus 10 regularly. It should also be fast growing, grow well in clay soil and also have roots that do not need to be particularly deep or wide. 

Does anyone have experience with this shrub, and know if it is as well suited as the original choice? And perhaps someone has some sample pictures of ligustrum ibota musli as a hedge rather than as an individual shrub. 

Thanks in advance, and best wishes from Germany!


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,691
    No experience with this privet but looking online, it seems it's eventual height is 2 metres whereas the more usual privet hedging will zoom past that height and give you more scope to shape the hedge.

  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 1,831
    I don't know that particular variety, but take a look at Ligustrum argenteum.  It grows very quickly, just like most Privet.  In my opinion it's more attractive than P. Aureum (which I find a bit too acid yellow for a whole hedge).  
  • Thanks for the comments! We decided to trust the garden centre and go for the unusual musli variety. Today we saw them for the first time and they’re really attractive. On the 14th June they will be planted in the garden!

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