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Rowan seedling?

Could anyone ID the seedling for me?
My mother in law has had a couple of these appear in her garden and has potted one up. Is it a Rowan? and if it is, is it worth the effort to try and grow it on? Are they fast growing?

Thanks in advance for any advice and hopefully an ID!


  • Thankyou @Songbird-1 for your advice. They are attractive trees, so nothing to lose really, I’m sure I can find a space somewhere! There was one in our road that the council removed for some reason, so it would be good to replace it.
    I just need to work on my patience!
  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,540
    I have them popping up regularly, as the birds distribute therm around the garden.|They do grow fairly fast but don't make huge trees and are decorative.   I have a white berried one as well as the usual orange and there are yellow berried ones too. The pretty pink ones are a slightly different species so may not cross pollinate. It will be interesting for you waiting for the first berries :)
  • Sounds interesting @Buttercupdays although the berries might be a while off the “Tree” is only a few inches tall!
    I look forward to finding out their colour.
  • I’m always happy to welcome a free plant into my garden. I’m sure your right about it being a ‘Keeper’ @SlipperyElm
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