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Paying for entry for prebooked 2 for 1 gardens

Hi, as we have to book and pay at time of booking for NT and Eng Heritage sites at the moment, how are you doing this to gain the 2 for 1 entry without an offer code?  If I were to only book 1 adult but both of us turned up they are unlikely to let us in due to exceeding the covid numbers allowed.
The book doesn't help, it just says to take your card to validate entry.


  • bertrand-mabelbertrand-mabel Posts: 2,648
    Hello and welcome
    This happened to us last year.
    We then decided to pay for a year payment which allowed us to visit the garden we wanted to visit as many times as we wanted, or could, for the whole year.
    Maybe this is the same with the places you would like to visit.
    With all the corvid restrictions many gardens are operating different things and so 2 for one doesn't maybe apply anymore.
    Try one in your local area that you can visit many times over the year like we have done.
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