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Echeveria advice needed

scooty883scooty883 Posts: 34
Having rescued these two from the bin at work I've been treating them as I would cactii. Watering when soil is dry(approx once a month) they have taken off like they are on Steroids! Any images I have seen of them look completely different and  I'm now wondering if these two will stop growing or just flop over and die? One is being supported by a bic hb at the moment


  • Bee witchedBee witched Posts: 1,294
    Hi @scooty883,

    Well done for the rescue thumbsup 

    I grow these and find they need very bright light. Without this they can start to stretch and reach out to find more light. So that could be happening to yours. 

    If it does go a bit leggy just cut that piece off and bury in gritty (cactus type) compost and you should have a new plant.

    Once it warms up a bit they should be happy on a sunny patio for the summer.

    Good luck,
    Bee x


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  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 1,831
    The easiest way to propagate new plants, which will be compact and more attractive, is to pull off individual leaves (making sure you get as much of the leaf as possible where it joins the main stem, otherwise it won't take).  Stand these leaves up in a small container, containing a small amount of water.  You don't want to submerge the whole leaf, just to ensure that the end that you tore off the main stem is in a centimetre or so of water.

    Put your container on a windowsill, not south facing, and leave for a couple of weeks.  You should notice healthy roots developing, and you can then plant in a pot.  I use seed compost, rather than buying specialist Succulent compost, as I find it easier to find and cheaper.  Once you have enough baby plants, you could then discard your parent plants, if you find them too leggy and unattractive.  You can take lots of leaves off at the same time, I have done this with mine, with no problem.

    Bee witched's advice to cut off the tip of the plant works well, but I find they take better from leaf cuttings in water, and you end up with many more plants.
  • scooty883scooty883 Posts: 34
    @Bee witched,@Keen on Green, thanks for the advice 👍. Hopefully have a successful update in the weeks to come.
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