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My trees are suffering!

Hello everyone,
I need help for two trees I have recently planted in my garden. One is a "Napoleon Cherry tree" the other one is a Magnolia.
Since I have planted them they are getting dry and slowly dying (I think) but I am watering them a lot. So I don't understand if the problem is overwatering or the opposite or the soil is not the right one for them to grow. 
Please see pictures (taken in different moment) to show the gradual worsening.

Thank you,


  • I think both of them have been hit by the frost, certainly that's the case with the magnolia. Your trees would benefit from mulching to stop the soil drying out and reduce weeds. If you can, a mulch over the whole bed now we've had some rain would go along way to improving the soil.

    Don't give up hope, I don't believe either tree is dying.
  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 8,789
    The flowers don't last forever and it's normal for them to go brown as they die off. A touch of frost speeds up the process, but the flowers would have died sooner or later anyway. My magnolia stellata is at the same sort of stage. As long as it starts growing some healthy leaves, which normally come after the flowers on mine at least, it'll be fine. It's probably the same for the cherry - its leaves look healthy enough and cherry blossom is very fleeting.
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  • Thank you very much girls! I will try mulching, do you have any suggestion for watering? how often and how much? Thank you in advance.
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    How much water very much depends on the weather. You don't want them to get either waterlogged or completely dry. If it doesn't rain significantly and the soil around them is dry below the top couple of inches, give them a watering can full each. If the weather gets hot and dry when they're in full leaf, you might need to water a couple of times a week. A good watering every now and again is better than a dribble every day. My gut feeling is that the cherry will need more than the magnolia, because they have more leaf and grow faster, but I don't have one so maybe someone who does can offer advice.
    Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Soil type: sandy, well-drained
  • Thank you very much JennyJ!
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