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dahlia's again...

I overwintered tubers in the back of the garage, ive had them potted up in the green house for a month but not one of them is showing any signs of life.  I brought two more this year and they are up.  Could the -11C have killed them off even though they were packed away?


  • CrazybeeladyCrazybeelady WarwickshirePosts: 564
    I couldn't say for sure but I am getting nowhere fast with my shed overwintered ones either!
  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 20,870
    I always wrap mine in newspaper when they are completely dry and store in a box in the bottom of a wardrobe for the winter.
    I open them around mid to  end of March, if they’re shooting I pot up.
    Never lost one yet. No point in setting them if they’re not shooting. 
    I start them off indoors but now they are over a foot tall I’ve moved them to the GH. 
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • DitsyDitsy LondonPosts: 169
    @Lyn do you mean the dahlias won't grow if they're not shooting when planted?
  • BiljeBilje Posts: 709
    I over winter about 40 tubers every year. Washed off,  air dried and wrapped in newspaper and hung up in garage in open topped bags for life. Works for me, I have an over 95% success survival rate. I start potting up in March, finish mid April, many of the tubers at that time have no sign of a sprout but still grow. I have the pots in a cold greenhouse and two of those cheap plastic ones. If I left them until they sprouted I’d never get them done. 
  • PosyPosy Isle of Wight.Posts: 3,552
    I find they start into growth best if they get a little warmth to tell them spring is coming. They start in my frost free greenhouse with a bit of light watering and are soon sprouting.
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