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Untidy Iris leaves

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Hello. My mum has these beautiful iris in her garden but she hates what I believe are the leaves. She thinks they look really untidy and once asked me to cut them back thinking it was just wild grass. I'm sure they’re part of the iris, am I right? I know you’re not supposed to cut the leaves during flowering but maybe I could just thin them out a bit? What are peoples thoughts? Sorry about poor photos.


  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 8,930
    To me it doesn't look right for iris foliage, which is stiffer and more upright and pointy. Can you trace it back to where it comes out of the ground and see if it's coming from the iris bulb/corm? (I suspect that's a bulbous iris but I'm not sure).
    Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Soil type: sandy, well-drained
  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 8,930
    Sorry, pressed post too soon! If it is Iris leaves then it should be left on until it's turned yellow/brown to build up the bulbs for next year.
    Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Soil type: sandy, well-drained
  • I agree with you based on photos on the internet, but they only appear when the iris is sprouting and die back when iris is done for the year. Very confusing. 
  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 1,794
    That's a Dutch Iris, and the grassy looking foliage is definitely not part of the plant, even if it appears at the same time.  Rather than cutting it back, I would wait until the Irises have flowered, and then dig out whatever the grassy plant is.  If you don't, it will keep reappearing every year.
  • Ok I’ll try that for sure. Thank you.
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,469
    Nope not Irises leaves
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