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Reuse of tulips bulbs

In a recent GW programme it was mentioned that some gardens reuse tulip bulbs in a naturalistic way but I don’t seem to recall if it was mentioned when this was done.  Are the bulbs left to die back in their pots then lifted and replanted or are they moved as soon as the flowers have gone over and allowed to die back in their new positions?


  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,299
    I would leave to die back in the pots because they aren't normally planted till the autumn
  • Much appreciated, thank you.
  • When the flowers have died off also make sure to nip off the seed pod so that that extra bit of energy that would be spent on that goes back into the bulbs instead.
  • didywdidyw East SuffolkPosts: 2,591
    I'm planning on lifting all the tulips I have in pots when they have died back. Am taking off the spent flower heads as they go over. I then plan on storing them in paper bags (labelled with the variety - that's the plan anyway) until replanting in November.  The ones in the ground I will be leaving in the ground.  Hopefully they will come back next year.
  • justflowersjustflowers Posts: 123
    I am with @didyw on this one.  I have also given up on replanting old tulip bulbs in pots - I buy new stock every year for pots and plant the old ones in borders - they just don't seem to perform well in pots after the first year - which also means I now have lots of tulips in my borders!
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