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Micro pond vandalised by blackbird

I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for me. I have found my water forget me not plant in the micro pond half dug out this morning, chief culprit is the female blackbird that was seen lurking around the pond very soon afterwards. I have now put some stones in the pot around the stems, so there's not quite so much to dig up next time. But I'm not quite sure what to do with the soil that was dug out, now that the pond has settled, there seems to be a layer of soil lying on the small pebbles at the bottom. I've discovered what looks like newt eggs a few days ago at the bottom of the pond, how will all this sediment affect their life chances? Oh what to do??


  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy Posts: 6,009
    We have had a blackbird raiding our pond pots too. They are looking for mud to "glue" the nest together.  The stones are a good idea. We have put a sacrificial pot of wet soil nearby so she can raid that for the nest.
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  • This is a brilliant idea, I'll get one sorted for them too! Now that I think of it, the same thing must have happened to my sweet peas, I accidentally overwatered them one night and found them half dug out the next morning. 
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