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Help with two different plants

YnneadYnnead Posts: 244
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Hi I was wondering if I could get some help with two different plants.
The first one is a hippeastrum I rescued from the street corner. I keep finding different information on what conditions it likes. Some places say it likes warm sunny conditions while other say shade and indirect light. At the moment its by a north facing window in the kitchen but not doing much so I was wondering, if it might prefer the south facing room which gets warm and sunny?

The other question I had was, I have some carnivorous plants(sundews and sarracenia). I know your supposed to use distilled or rain water but not really a good way to get rain water here. I hate the filtered water jugs as they make a lot of waste with having to throw the filters away. I'm using boiled tap water after its cooled down which seems to be going ok. My question is if I do this long term is it going to eventually kill the plants?
Any advice would be great. Thanks for taking the time to read this rather long post.


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