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Fine watering can rose for Stewart Essential 10 litre?

Hi all,
I took a looky at Stewart's website and it would seem they do after market roses for the "Traditional" range but not the cheapy "Essential" can.
Finding that the rose is a bit coarse and a lot of water comes out, I'd like to switch it for a fine or very fine spray, but I don't see dimensions listed on roses or compatibility mentioned.

We used to have a fine rose, brass plate with rubber housing.  It was a bit small for the spout and it perished over time.  We gaffers taped it up, but it was a bodge.

I should measure the spout of the Essential cans we have and see what I can find for that size, if size is even mentioned at all.

Anyone know of any that fit?  Or any sensible DIY options?



  • GravelEaterGravelEater Posts: 117
    I just measured the watering can and existing rose.

    Outer Diameter of the can spot is 25mm.
    Inner Diameter of the included rose is 27mm.
    Depth of spout inside rose is 27mm.

    So a rose needs to be at least 25mm wide to allow it to go on, but really 26-27mm depending on length to grip.
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