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SALIX FAMINGO NOT growing tips

Lisarc26Lisarc26 Posts: 17
Hi everyone. I have a lovely salix flamingo that I bought last year and it had lovely pink tips. This year it has grown back lovely and bushy... but totally green! No pink tips at all.. any ideas why?


  • DuckUKDuckUK Posts: 2
    Don’t you worry ... the pink will come soon enough.  Always starts green with the fresh new growth 😉
  • Lisarc26Lisarc26 Posts: 17
    Oh ok... 😂..  in other words I'm being too hasty!..  hahaha... 
    Well that's great to hear that they will turn pink soon. Is there a specific season for blooming?
    Thanks for your reply! 
  • They are lovely and I think your backdrop is excellent.

    As far as I remember (the last time I grew this being around 25 years ago), the leaves should start turning pink in May. But others may be able to correct me.
  • Lisarc26Lisarc26 Posts: 17
    Ahh... thank You! I'm an amateur gardener... but definitely trying to learn more!😁
    Thanks for the reply!
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