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New Cobaea

MartineBMartineB Posts: 68
Hello fellows gardeners
i have just received my 5 Cobaea jumbo seedlings from Sarah Craven and I am not too sure how close they should be planted or if they should be separated into 5 different places 
i would be so grateful to get some advice 


  • GrajeanGrajean Posts: 414
    Hallo, I grew mine from seed last year, and put small plants into large pots which were placed in a border alongside wire fencing about 3 feet apart. They covered the whole fence and flowered until November. Still waiting for my seeds to germinate, very slow this year.
  • MartineBMartineB Posts: 68
    thank you Grajean. I will put them in a pot first. As the nights are still cold I could bring the pot inside.
    i suppose they will not cope well if we have a frosty night
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