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Giant allium - how many heads?!


I received some white giant allium plants yesterday, they’ve already got their leaves. Do each of these produce one head or multiple flowers?

I was looking to add into a planter but one flower might not look a bit strange on its own. 

Thank you,


  • Butterfly66Butterfly66 BirminghamPosts: 767
    I’m not sure there are alliums any that produce more than one flower stem
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  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 21,144
    Alliums should be planted at least 6” deep, more if you can,  did they come planted like like in those pots, that’s a very small pot for a big plant, they could get flower spikes 3’ tall, they’ll be top heavy. But I’m not sure if you can plant them deep now. 
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  • Hi Lyn, thanks! Yes they came like this. I’ll try and get a deep pot and bury them as far down as I can  :#
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