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Camellia buds won’t open!

tmotooletmotoole Posts: 6
Do you think this is a frost problem or the fact we don’t feed this Camellia and it hasn’t got enough energy to open its flowers? They do this every year.


  • brackenbracken South West EnglandPosts: 91
    Could be down to the soil as they like acid or ericaceous soil.  We have a huge old camellia which has never been fed and flowers every year without fail.
  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,296
    Probably weather related. You get it in roses too, if their flowers get very wet. The petals soften, then when they dry they stick together so that they cannot open one by one as they should. Frosty nights, cool mornings, then sunshine could do the same for your camelia, It is often suggested to avoid early morning sun for some plants, as it can be more damaging than it would seem..
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