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How often to water

hello, I rescued a red robin a few weeks ago and the advice says ‘water well, but don’t overwater’ without giving any volume or frequency.  It’s losing quite a few leaves so I wondered if anyone knows how often I should be watering it? I have been watering it with one full 10L watering can every other day but I’d this too much? I was wondering if once a week might be better. 


  • AstroAstro Posts: 431
    I've had a red robin in a pot and just watered it here and there, it seemed fine. The water well without overwatering to me implies a good deep soak infrequently.My guess would be once a week if there's no rain, I'd just feel in the soil to see how much moisture is there. 

    The recent frosty nights coupled with bright sunny days has seen many plants losing leaves, on my red robin the new red growth has been frazzled. There are lots of threads at present about plants losing leaves owing to the weather.

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,800
    10L every other day is too much, I think. It would never get that from rainfall even if planted in the ground. I agree with 10L a week unless it is very hot in summer as pots can dry out. Is there any chance of getting it into the ground eventually? They get pretty big.
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  • Thanks. The pot has no bottom and we dug it out underneath so hopefully it won’t be too restricted. Cheers. 
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