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Advice on watering system for a 'new' leylandii hedge

My first post so apologies in advance for omissions/errors.  12 months ago we planted 50m of leylandii (1.5m apart) along an existing boundary to provide a year-round hedgerow.  They have taken well.

We water regularly as the existing hedgerow competes for water and we've had little rain, but I would like some advice on what watering system to use.

Due to the trees being 1.5m apart I don't see how a soaker hose would work.

I considered making holes in a hosepipe, but as the run is 50 metres I would have a problem regulating even pressure along the pipe.

The best bet so far seems to be something similar to Karcher's rainwater system where I can puncture a hose at intervals and regulate the pressure, but in my experience, Karcher's quality has really dropped the last few years and I'm hesitant to buy from them again.

So can anyone recommend a reliable and reasonably priced option for watering 50m of young leylandii at 1.5m spaces please?


  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601
    Welcome. I have had little joy from soaker hoses. Personally, I'd take a hose down and give them a good soaking once a week as needed.
  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,058
    I don’t think a soaker hose will give your trees the level of water they will require, plus they will not function at high pressure or lengths of more than 25-30m. A large gauge drip hose can take a higher pressure and deliver more targeted water per tree as you can position as many nozzles as you like at the base of each tree, about a foot away from the trunk. You would need to experiment with the timings, increasing the duration as the summer progreses. Systems and nozzles usually specify maximum runs and how many litres of water can be delivered per hour.
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  • Butterfly66Butterfly66 Posts: 886
    If they are well established they shouldn’t need any watering except in extended droughts. You might need to withdraw watering gradually as they will have grown dependant on it.
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  • thanks for the responses. 
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