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Not sure what to do with these Plants in my garden !!

sandbevsandbev Posts: 6
Can anyone help me please, I've started to tidy up my garden for the summer and there's a particular plant/weed/wild flower ?? Not sure what it is , so not sure whether to leave it (as it seems to be spreading) or to pull them up.  Any advice to what it is and what to do please ?
Kind Regards Bev


  • Butterfly66Butterfly66 Posts: 890
    Might be stachys silvatica aka Hedge Woundwort?  If it is the stems have a square cross section and the leaves have quite a distinctive smell, like a meaty salvia? Not particularly pleasant but only released it you crush them. Link here for more info
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  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,409
    You would probably have to dismantle that concrete to get the roots out, and I think it looks better with it there, than it would without it. Bees like the flowers, but if you prefer you could cut it back from time to time and keep just the green leaves. Remove plants in other places though  if you wish, to keep your borders tidy. :)
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