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Young pea plants

enceladusenceladus Posts: 27
Hi all,

I planted out my pea plants on Monday, so they have been out for 4 days. I went to check on them today and most look perfectly fine however, two are a little sad. See photos (sorry they are sideways). 

Any idea what the issue is? I wanted to get some advice at this stage in the hopes I can stop things getting worse. 

Thanks so much :)


  • bertrand-mabelbertrand-mabel Posts: 2,174
    You are doing better than me.
    Sowed seeds inside...4 germinated after 4 weeks.
    Sowed some different ones last week and waiting for results.
    Our dwarf french beans germinated really well and these seedlings have been planted out into the veg patch.
    Peas....not sure why even though this time I did soak them before sowing.
    Had you sown them indoors? If so did you harden them off before planting out?
    We have had frosts most of April and have had to cloche any seedlings we are able to plant outside.
  • enceladusenceladus Posts: 27
    Ah thanks! 

    Oh four weeks is a while. Did you use old seed? I got mine from Real Seed and was so impressed with how fast they came up with 100% germination rate. Fingers crossed for your second batch : )

    I’m up north and worried about sowing my tender beans too soon (runners) but will do them next week. 

    Yep I sowed my peas inside and I hardened them off before planting straight under fleece on hoops. Which is why I don’t think the issue with mine is cold or transplant shock. 
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