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Infected palm tree?

Hi all,

New gardener here!

One of my palm trees I recently bought has some kind of white fungus type substance (was present when bought).

Anyone know how to treat this? I physically removed some of it but not sure if that is enough going forward. 




  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    Why did you buy it or inquired what it was at the time?
    Hard to tell from your photo, you need to slightly crop it and it will reload right way round but is it fungus or  spots from being watered with hard water?

  • Well it was low priced for a palm tree so I thought why not.

    Hopefully this photo is more clear 

  • Not sure why they are uploading sideways.. 
  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    edited April 2021
    As I said you need to slightly resize before you load or take a landscape photo and yes it's fungus.
    I'm sure someone can advise about it or have a look at a website that sells palms as they often cover health problems. One site i just looked  mentioned mealy bugs and asked whether they moved.
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