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Wall planter plant suggestions

Hi everyone
Im planting my own outdoor wall planters this year, Im planning to have the planters quite high on wall above door height and would love to hear some planting combination suggestions which would look fab. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. 


  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507

    What size are these wall planters a photo would be helpful.
    Also how much sun will they get during the summer.
    Are you prepared to water them twice daily if they are in full sun and where will the water run down
    Do you want specific colour scheme,  
    To see plants that high up they would really need to be trailing. So begonias, million bells, trailing lobelia are some of the normal annuals.
    Will you be able to see to check them over for pests, dead leaves, or whether they are too wet or dry.
  • Sorry for the late reply. Works hectic. I changed where im putting the planters after your advice so ive put them reachable near my front door. That area is very sunny in morning and is slightly shaded by teatime. Im needing advice about greenery. Ive lots of plug plants arriving with a good mixture of flowers, but I have no idea about what greenery can be added to them to make them look appealing. And how many of each plug should be planted as i would like some different heights in the planter as I don't want to over crowd. 
    Anymore advice would be great 
  • bullfinchbullfinch Posts: 683
    Calibrachoa comes in quite a few colours, and bacopa  in pink or white. They are both good trailing plants. You could  use pelargoniums or fuchsias in the tubs too. Remember they are tender, so they can't be planted outside until after the last frosts.
  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    edited April 2021
    They are quite small so you won't get enough compost in to support a large amount of plants.
    What plants have you ordered as someone else might be able to advice as I don't do hanging baskets as they need too much looking after and remembering to water, yours will probably need twice a day, although some suggest putting ice cubes in to melt during the day.
    You can buy mixed green plants to hanging baskets so have a Google to see what is suggested

    I have a feeling though that being quite narrow depth wise, being plastic and in full sun your plants are going to bake.
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