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Portuguese Laurel Trees

I have planted 11 trees as per my picture, all trees are approx 2.7m tall and have been planted as a privacy screen in March this year, stems are 70cm - 80 cm apart. Could anyone advise how long it should take for the trees to fill in fully and meet at the top?. I know they have a decent growth rate and happy to prune as necessary to speed this up?.




  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 1,757
    It depends on how much water and nutrients they get.  If you trim the top of them, that will encourage them to grow more at the sides.  Potentially they could form one continuous screen in about 12 months, if given the right care.

    That's a lot of trees in a small space, and they are very near to the fence, and will therefore get much less rain water.  You will probably need to water well until they are established.

    If I were your neighbour I wouldn't be happy at having a 3 metre hedge looming over my garden, and creating lots of shade.  Have you thought about what will happen to the trees on their side of the fence?  They will either need to trim them several times a year, and will need to do so on a ladder, or if left, they will hang right over into their garden. 

    Your trees are also planted so close to the fence, that they will suck up lots of water and nutrients from the neighbours garden, and the roots of your trees may make it impossible for them to successfully plant anything on their side.  Are you friendly with them, have you asked what their feelings are about them?

    Understand your need for privacy, but personally I don't think this was the best solution.
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