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Can anything be done to save these lavender plants?

fizzylizfizzyliz Posts: 358
Hi, can anything be done to save these lavender plants? 
I bought two recently - one as you can see is absolutely fine, the other not looking great.
The other is a large lavender that has likely been in the garden for years... however this year a rodent seemed to move in/dig the area up around it which I think has affected it.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated 😊


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 20,967
    I don't think so. My son gave me four lavenders like that and one failed, I kept it until I was really sure it was dead. I'd planted them all, same soil and conditions. The failed one had just started going droopy when I planted it. No idea why. I think the one in the bed is a goner too.
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  • No doubt I'm in the minority but I can't stand the bl++dy things!
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 28,827
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    Ever so good for bees and other pollinators tho and their dried leaves can keep nasties out of your wardrobe and linen shelves.

    I would try dunking both the ones in pots in a bucket of water till no further air bubbles appear and then let them drain.  Pot on or plant out the healthy one in a suitable spot and keep an eye on the other to see if it improves or declines further.

    I agree with @Busy-Lizzie that the one in the ground is a lost cause.
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  • PianoplayerPianoplayer Posts: 624
    Is the one on the left a French lavender? If so, could be frost damage, as they are not fully hardy.
  • TheGreenManTheGreenMan Posts: 1,628
    I had one like the left pot. I did as @Obelixx suggests and it worked. 👍🏼
  • fizzylizfizzyliz Posts: 358
    Hi all! Thanks so much! @Obelixx @JamesS-B I will try that with the one in the pot then and give it a good dunk! @Pianoplayer I can’t recall the label but I don’t think so... I’ll have a look...
  • Mike AllenMike Allen Posts: 207
    Lavender prefer a poor soil.  We tend at times to molly coddle our plants.  The sad looking one, could be cut right back and the cover what's left with fine soil/compost, much the smae way as increasing stock plants.   Anything is worth a try.
  • fizzylizfizzyliz Posts: 358
    @JamesS-B @Obelixx I dunked them in water yesterday evening so I’ll see what happens now 😊
    @Mike Allen did you mean the big plant in border to cover? I did look at stalk low down a week or so ago which was still green. Best check again today. What would you cover it with etc? I’ve definitely not molly coddled it ha... definitely think it’s the vole that moved in and uprooted it. I’ve definitely learnt with house plants that leaving them alone is better than over-tending to them! Thanks!
  • fizzylizfizzyliz Posts: 358
    Update... lots of air bubbles came up when dunked it... it’s still hanging in there!
  • fizzylizfizzyliz Posts: 358
    Update - @Obelixx thank you so much for your advice! 🥰
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